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शीर्ष 5 क्रिमिनल माइंड्स विलेन जो अभी भी हमें परेशान करते हैं

Criminal Minds has been a staple of crime drama television for over a decade, and it’s no secret that the show has introduced us to some of the most terrifying villains in TV history. From serial killers to psychopaths, here are the top 5 Criminal Minds villains that still give us nightmares.

5। काटनेवाला

शीर्ष 5 क्रिमिनल माइंड्स विलेन जो अभी भी हमें परेशान करते हैं
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The Reaper, also known as जॉर्ज फोएट, is one of the most memorable villains from Criminal Minds. He was a skilled killer who had a personal vendetta against Agent Hotchner, making him all the more dangerous.

His ability to blend in and appear normal made him even more terrifying, as he could strike at any moment. The Reaper’s storyline spanned multiple seasons and left a lasting impact on viewers.

4. Mr. Scratch

Criminal Minds Villains
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Mr. Scratch, also known as पीटर लुईस, is one of the most disturbing villains in Criminal Minds history. He was a psychopathic hacker who used his skills to manipulate and control people, often leading them to commit heinous acts.

His ability to stay one step ahead of the बीएयू team made him a formidable opponent, and his twisted sense of humour only added to his unsettling nature. Mr Scratch’s storyline spanned multiple episodes and left a lasting impression on viewers.

3. The Replicator

रेप्लिकेटर was a serial killer who targeted members of the BAU team, replicating their past cases and leaving clues for them to follow. He was highly intelligent and had a personal vendetta against the team, making him a dangerous and unpredictable adversary.

His identity was a mystery for much of the season, adding to the suspense and intrigue surrounding his character. The Replicator’s ultimate reveal and capture was a satisfying conclusion to his chilling storyline.

2. The Boston Reaper

The Boston Reaper was one of the most memorable villains on Criminal Minds. He was a skilled and sadistic killer who had a personal vendetta against Agent Aaron Hotchner, making him a formidable opponent.

Foyet’s storyline was particularly chilling because he was able to infiltrate the BAU team and get close to Hotchner’s family, leading to a dramatic and heartbreaking conclusion. His character remains one of the most haunting in the show’s history.

1। फॉक्स

best criminal minds villains
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लोमड़ी , जिसे Floyd Feylinn Ferell, was a highly intelligent and manipulative serial killer who appeared in season 3 of Criminal Minds. He targeted young women and used his charm and charisma to lure them into his trap.

किस वजह से किया लोमड़ी particularly terrifying was his ability to blend in with society and appear completely normal, making it difficult for the BAU team to catch him. His storyline culminated in a tense and dramatic standoff with the team, cementing his place as one of the show’s most memorable villains.

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